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Late last year I wrote a post about Unlimited Keywords And Site Ideas Delivered Straight To Your Inbox. It involved signing up for a cheap 7 day trial of a membership site that sends daily keyword lists and cancelling the trial before the 7 days is up. What would happen is that you would still get sent the daily keyword lists even though you were no longer a member of the site. This is still happening for me – I’m have received almost 195 keyword lists so far!

I have come across another source of daily keyword lists, this time it is completely free to access – you only need to sign up to an email list.

The site is called Niche Keywords Daily. Once you sign up with your name and email list you get sent a daily email with a link to a niche keywords research pack. This is simply a Microsoft Excel file with around 100 keywords, and includes monthly searches and average CPC data for each keyword. Click here for an example keyword list.

The only minor downside with this is that when you access the download page for a list you are presented with a popup promotion, and the actual download link doesn’t appear for about 10 seconds. However I think that is a very minor incovenience for what is a potentially very valuable service.

Once downloaded I just look through the lists for keywords that satisfy the criteria listed in my auto blogging blueprint, and add them to my list of ideas for autoblogging sites to build out.

So to save heaps of time looking for keyword ideas check out Niche Keywords Daily.

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