FREE Advanced Auto Blogging Blueprint


Q: Does the Advanced Auto Blogging Blueprint work after the Google Panda and Penguin updates? 

A: Yes it does, but not as well as before the updates.

None of my sites have been de-indexed, but most of my exact match domains have lost their page one rankings.

Because no sites have been de-indexed, they are still pulling traffic (and therefore income) from long tail search queries. Therefore the strategy of building out the content of the sites via autoblogging has been a sound one.

All up, Adsense income across my portfolio of niche sites is down around 50%. While this isn’t ideal, it isn’t the total wipeout that some other niche site builders have been reporting.


After 2 years of trying different auto blogging systems and strategies I have come up with my own method which I have found is a good combination of results from not too much effort.

In order to cut down the learning curve for other people I have documented my system as the Advanced Auto Blogging Blueprint.

This is the document I wish I had access to when I started 2 years ago!

The Advanced Auto Blogging Blueprint includes:

  • a simple keyword research and competition assessment method, including a Google site that shows popular items that people are looking to buy
  • a list of 82 seed keywords which you can use to kick off keyword research
  • how to choose the best domain name and what to do if the best name is not available
  • detailed site setup including specific plugin configuration settings
  • the “less is more” strategy for Adsense ad placement
  • a link to 6 specially customised “clean themes” designed for maximum Adsense clicks that you can download
  • the hands down best software for running your auto blogs – no other software or plugin comes close to this software
  • how to setup and run the autoblogging software I recommend for maximum effect with minimum effort
  • my best source for high quality, regularly updated blogs on ANY topic to use to get content for your sites
  • how to get your new site indexed if Google seems to be ignoring it
  • how to setup automated internal linking of your site to increase the site’s relevance for Google searches
  • how to setup your blog so that it will attract one way external links from other blogs on autopilot
  • screenshots from actual sites created using the methods described

This report is a detailed start to finish blueprint for a simple to execute auto blogging system that can be easily repeated to generate a significant number of websites optimised to attract rankings and clicks.

So how much will it cost to get this all-in-one, step-by-step blueprint?

I have paid anywhere from $12 – $47 dollars for similar reports that don’t have anywhere near the amount of useful, practical, money making information that I have included in this report. However for you the cost is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!!!

Simply fill in the form below and the Advanced Auto Blogging Blueprint is yours – although do it NOW before I change my mind and start charging for it!


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