Unlimited Keywords And Site Ideas Delivered Straight To Your Inbox

I accidentally came across an unlimited source of keywords that can be used as ideas for auto blog websites. Now that I have tapped into this source I will never be short of topics and keywords to build sites around!

Here’s how I found it:
I was checking out a membership site which promised to deliver a new keyword list everyday. The membership cost was pretty steep ($99 per month), but they had a link to a 7 day trial for $4.95. So I thought, what the heck, I’ll sign up for the trial, cancel after 6 days and at least I will get 6 keyword lists.

Anyway, after 6 days I cancelled my membershp………..however, the keyword lists just kept on coming!!!!! It appears that the system they use to deliver the keyword lists is not integrated with their membership system.

Each keyword on the list comes with the number of monthly searches and the number of exact match Google search results. Click here for an example keyword list. I signed up in late August 2010, cancelled 6 days later and as of today (24th November) I am still receiving a keyword list each day (currently I have received 81 keyword lists in total).

I just look through the lists for keywords that satisfy the criteria listed in my auto blogging blueprint. So far I have compiled a list of over 100 keyword ideas for future auto blog sites.

So, if you want more keywords than you will ever know what to do with for only $4.95, click here and sign up for the 7 day trial.

I always use my PayPal account when signing up for trials. DO NOT use your credit card. It is a hassle to cancel subscriptions paid for by credit card because you have to contact the vendor and ask them to cancel the charge to your card.

With PayPal it is easy to cancel a subscription, and you can do it yourself. All you do is go into “subscriptions”, click on “details” for a particular subscription and then click “cancel”. The subscription will be cancelled immediately.


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November 24, 2010|Comments (1)
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Posted by Mark
November 25, 2010 at 12:42 am

I did the same thing! I signed up for the trial but cancelled for different reason. The emails keep coming in though. I thought it was just an error on my account.

Best wishes – Mark