Trying To Escape An SEO Black Hole Part 2


This post is the second of a series documenting my attempts to retrieve one of my money  sites from the depths of ranking despair. You can see the first post here to get the background story.

To pull my site out of the black hole I decided to enlist the services of one of the Warrior Forum’s most reputable link builders – Matt LaClear. He promotes what he calls his Holistic SEO service.

With this service he promises to keep working on your site until it ranks on page 1 of Google for your selected primary keyword.

One mildly annoying thing is he keeps changing the prices for his services. Currently he is offering 2 campaigns (sites) for $99 and 10 campaigns for $350. I paid $250 for 5 campaigns, one of which I am using on my “blackhole” site.

The first thing I had to do after paying my money was create a ticket for my campaign on his support ticket website. This is the only SEO service that I have ever used that has this level of transparency.

The ticket system is great – I get updates of what is happening, and I can communicate easily if their are any issues with my campaign. So far I have been getting timely responses to my questions, which I hope will continue into the future.

Once my campaign ticket was setup Matt’s team did some keyword research and sent me a report from which I could select the primary keyword that I wanted for my site to hit page 1 for on Google. I ignored this report as I already knew what keyword phrase I wanted to rank for.

His team then researched the top 10 ranked sites for that keyword and analyzed their SEO factors in order to build a strategy for my site. After that they analyzed my site to see what needed to be adjusted to compete with the top 10 ranking sites. My site had pretty good on page SEO, but it lacked back links compared to the other sites. Now I already knew all this, but it was good to see that a comprehensive, logical process was being followed.

It was only after this analysis that the link building was started. The initial phase of link building has involved the creation of some Web 2 properties populated with content that links back to my site. I was given a list of the sites and they are to have some linking done to them as well.

At the time of writing this I am 1 week into a waiting period to see how things shape up numbers wise. There has been no immediate increase in rankings, but hopefully in my next installment of this series I will have some good news.

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