Takes 5 Minutes, Increases Adsense By 146%

google adsense wordpressOf all the factors that go into making a successful autoblog, the one that you have most control over is the theme that you use. The theme can be the difference between a 0.5% click through rate (CTR) on your ads (bad) and a 10% CTR (great).

During most of the past year I have been testing various themes to try and find the optimal look and layout for maximum adsense clicks. After endless split tests of various themes I have finally found a layout I call the ADSENSE MAXIMIZER. This theme consistently outperformed any other I tried, over a range of blogs on different topics.

As an example I ran the ADSENSE MAXIMIZER theme for a month (May 2011) on a WordPress site that had previously used one of the dateless themes that I include in my Advanced Auto Blogging Blueprint package:

Adsense CTR before ADSENSE MAXIMIZER (April 2011) – 1.49%

Adsense CTR after ADSENSE MAXIMIZER (May 2011) – 3.67%

CTR increase 146%

My other aim was to make the ADSENSE MAXIMIZER theme simple to use. Other well known adsense themes, such as the HeatMap theme, have a large number of options and can be confusing to setup properly.

The ADSENSE MAXIMIZER is fully optimized right out of the box and there is only one option to set – that is adding your adsense publisher id. It literally takes only 5 minutes to install on your website and increase the site’s adsense CTR by 146%, as illustrated earlier.

So if you want to try a quick and simple way to increase the adsense earnings of your websites, click here to get the ADSENSE MAXIMIZER.



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