WSO 687811: The Essential EMD Survival Guide

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The Hype

From the salespage:
Find out what the update is and how to beat it.

Learn how to avoid getting hit hard by upcoming updates

What works now instead of EMDs

The Reality

The author has looked at all his client sites (approx 250) and the sites of his co-author (who had a network of 65 legal EMD sites that got smashed) and gives his take on what factors are involved in the recent Google EMD update.

This report came out just a week after the EMD update hit, so I wasn’t expecting to much information about how to recover from the update, despite the impressions given from the salespage – and I was right – there isn’t.

Basically this report is a good overview of the current commentary about the EMD update, backed up by some observations from the authors’ own sites.

Statements about the affect of factors such as keyword density and link diversity are qualified eg “I’m saying seemed because 250 sites is not a sufficient sample to determine if this is a real effect”.

This is quite appropriate, but typical of most WSOs, where bold statements and assertions are made in the salepage, only to be qualified by the “fine print” of the actual content in the WSO.

The author offers some recommendations for recovering and for avoiding future updates – one of them is “don’t use an exact match domain”! However these recommendations are nothing new and are just the standard techniques promoted for dealing with the Penguin and Panda updates eg create larger sites, diversify backlinks, backlink internal pages etc


  • A good overview of the EMD update
  • Newbie friendly


  • No new info for anyone who has read any articles from any decent SEO site
  • Only superficially addresses how to recover from the update

The Bottom Line

The author gives a good overview of what the EMD update causes and effects are although he offers no real solutions, except the standard line to give google what they want.

I’ve marked this down because there was really nothing new here for me. However it is worth the read if you are a newbie, or haven’t read much about the EMD update, to give you some ideas on what happened and let you rethink your strategies for the future.

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