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The Hype

From the salespage:

Free traffic without a stitch of SEO work.

There is a way to leverage Facebook to stuff your pockets full of Adsense cash.

85 page fluff-free PDF which reveals how to generate instant results

I reveal a powerful niche market that goes viral more than any other.

The Reality

This WSO mysteriously closed without warning (and with no “limited time” message on the sales page) after a few days. Despite that fact that it is no longer available i thought I would review it anyway, just so you can see what you (didn’t) miss out on.

The “powerful viral niche” that is revealed is funny pictures. The premise of this WSO is to create a funny picture site just likeĀ

Almost half of the 85 page PDF is devoted to the mechanics of setting up a WordPress site, from the basics (domain name registration, WordPress installation) to some more advanced stuff (themes, ad placement, adding social sharing widgets).

However, I was more interested in the crucial issues of content and traffic for the site. Not surprisingly, these are not so well covered.

For content, the author advocated copying pictures from other sites and Facebook pages (copyright anyone?). For traffic, the author recommends buying updates on popular Facebook pages and using traffic exchange programs such as, then hoping that your site goes viral. However, the author conveniently forgets to mention that only accepts sites with over 1000 daily views (catch-22 anyone?).

The reality with this WSO is that “instant results” are unlikely. Funny picture sites are a dime-a-dozen. It would take a lot of work PLUS a lot of luck to get one of these sites to gain enough popularity to generate a significant amount of Adsense income.


  • Some good instructions on setting up a funny pictures site


  • WSO has been discontinued
  • The traffic strategies as presented aren’t applicable to a new site
  • Could be copyright issues with copying pictures from other sites

The Bottom Line

A useful intro to setting up a funny pictures website. The likelihood of one of your funny picture sites becoming virally popular is low. It would need lots of content (pictures) and promotion, which is where this WSO falls short.



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