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The Hype

From the salespage:
I’ll Show You How To OUTRANK ANY COMPETITOR In Google… Even If They’re “Industry Giants” Like Adobe Or Yahoo!

My SEO Positioner System is amazingly effective, Google friendly, dirt cheap (during this special WSO) and GUARANTEED. It’s a PROVEN way to boost your rankings… almost instantly.

SEO Positioner System has been responsible for OUTRANKING even the toughest competitors in my niches. You’ll learn methods I use every day in my business to easily rank brand-new domains in the shortest time possible.


The Reality

Don’t get me wrong, I completely agree with the philosophy and methods presented in the WSO. However, it’s gonna take more than this WSO to outrank Adobe and Yahoo “almost instantly”.

In a nutshell, here’s what it is all about:

Setup single user profiles on sites such as Google (Gmail), DocStoc, YouTube, Scribd, Facebook, Twitter and Posterous. Integrate your keywords, image and core topic into each profile and link across profiles. Contribute to the communities that relate to your core topic via the profiles you have setup, and distribute relevant high quality content to document sharing sites (this is where Backlinktopia comes in). The idea is to create an “Authority Hub” which links back to your money site.

The author gives a basic overview of getting content outsourced via ODesk, but he alludes to the fact that finding reliable, good writers can be hit and miss.

The author also states that a lot of his top ranking sites are CPA offers. However, he doesn’t explain how an “Authority Hub” can legitimately promote a CPA offer.


  • The core ideas and philosophies are sound
  • Good description of all the site profiles you need and how they relate


  • 9 out of the 30 pages are fluff, the real info doesn’t start until page 10
  • Repeated plugs for his link building product Backlinktopia
  • No example site is given, so it is hard to see how this works in practice
  • Lot of work involved – not a quick solution

The Bottom Line

As usual, the devil is in the lack of detail. The sales copy promotes “almost instant” rankings, but unless you already have all your profiles setup and an established reputation in your chosen niche, it is hard to see how this is a quick method.

I would have rated this higher if there was more detail, and maybe a real life case study included.



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