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The Hype

From the salespage:
How to tap into the virtually unknown backlinking method that powered our site from page 3 to page 1 in just 7 days.

Auto approve, totally whitehat, loved by the Google panda.

Backlink Alchemy makes it so simple to do your SEO the right way and avoid the horror of a Google slap.

The Reality

This WSO shows you how to find and add spam comments (with your links) to blogs running the Drupal content management system. Drupal is similar to WordPress, just not as commonly used.

The difference between comments on Drupal and WordPress is that each Drupal comment has it’s own unique URL. This means that when you add a comment containing a link to one of your sites to a Drupal blog, you get a webpage that contains ONLY your comment and therefore ONLY your link (no other outbound links). Note these pages have no page rank.

Backlink Alchemy lists 10 Drupal blogs that were used in the sales page example,  but also lists some Google search strings to allow you to find your own Drupal blogs to drop comments on.

The case study is a classic example of comment spamming, using content that is unrelated to the content of the blog post and also duplicate content copied from other sources. The author does mention using original content for comments, so I guess it is a matter of “do as I say, not as I do”.


  • Shows you how to find & drop comments on a less common blogging system – therefore more chances of finding blogs that haven’t been spammed to death
  • No cost (other than time to find blogs) and easy to do
  • Many Drupal blogs are auto-approve for commenting
  • You comment has it’s own page, therefore you have complete control of the number of links on the page


  • Any backlinks will be on zero page rank pages
  • Not whitehat – the case study demonstrates comment spamming with copied content, which is blackhat in my book
  • Not a “virtually unknown” technique like the WSO salepage makes it out to me – there is plenty of comment spamming on Drupal blogs

The Bottom Line

How to find and drop blog comments on Drupal blogs. These blogs are often auto-approve and each comment has its own unique URL, which has some advantages over WordPress comments.

A useful additional source of backlinks, so I give this 3 stars. I might have scored it higher if not for the case study which is a classic example of comment spamming.



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