WSO 666965: Offline Mobile Predator System – Sell Mobile Websites Easily, Using My Predatory Preselling Tricks

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The Hype

From the salespage:
Finally, a great way to make cash offering mobile sites to business owners. Use my deadly preselling techniques and cash in now.

You Do Not Need To Do Any Cold Calling Or Face To Face Selling!

The Entire Offline Mobile Predator System Is 100% Innovative And Profitable, And It Is Very Easy To Set Up.

The Reality

In a nutshell:

  1. Hire someone to call business owners and ask for the owner’s name and email
    So you DO cold call, but you just get someone else to do it for you. A basic job description example is supplied to use on ODesk, but you don’t get any more help with the hiring process or any indication of how much a hired outsourcer might cost.
  2. Email the business owners pitching a mobile optimized site. Add one of the following to to the email to try and convince them:
    a) Infographic
    A couple of links to sites where you can make an infographic are supplied. The example infographic made by the author using one of these sites looks really amateurish.
    b) PowerPoint presentation
    Links to some PLR WSOs are supplied
    An example Prezio demo was not complete and included blank slides
    c) Demo screenshot of a mobile version of their current website
    Links are given to a couple of online mobile creation services – Dudamobile
  3. There is no step 3 – what happens after you send the email is not covered.
    Which presell info method (infographic, powerpoint or demo) worked best for the author? He doesn’t say – I think he hasn’t actually done any of this so he wouldn’t know.


  • Cheap (although no refunds allowed)
  • Llinks to various useful services are listed, so I suppose that will save you some time searching for them yourself.


  • Lack of detail – some basic ideas are presented but there is none of the details you would expect from someone who has actually used them and made sales
  • Incomplete and amateurish demos and examples don’t inspire confidence that the methods would actually work

The Bottom Line

You get what you pay for with this WSO. It’s cheap, so don’t expect too much detail. The author could put this together without actually doing any of it, which is what I suspect is the case here.

There are a couple of ideas slapped together, but with no real world experience to back it up. You will be a long way from selling mobile sites easily just using this WSO, so I give it two stars.


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