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The Hype

From the salespage:
Learn how to generate a  six figure offline business using Fiverr.

The Offline Fast Fiverr System Is A Solid, Cash Generating System Of Making Money From Offline Business Owners By Simply Exploiting Fiverr!

The Offline Fast Fiverr System Is A Great Way To Leverage The Power of Fiverr and Offer a Profitable Offline marketing service to Local business owners. You will Immediately Come Across As The Offline Expert and will be their Hero.

The Reality

Basically this WSO just rehashes the 2 basic ways to make money from Fiverr: 1) Setup your own gig on Fiverr, and 2) Outsource a service to Fiverr wherby it only costs you $5 and you charge someone else a whole lot more.

The author suggests an app that animates static images as a “unique” service that you can sell via a Fiverr gig. The reality is that the videos produced by the app are amusing and have a novelty value, but it is difficult to imagine any reputable offline business buying this service.

There is no actual example of one of these animated images on a website, so I can only assume this is an idea that the author hasn’t put into practice.

Using Fiverr as an outsourcing service has been covered better in other WSOs, and goes like this:

  1. Find businesses that pay for advertising eg Adwords, Yellowpages
  2. Email them offering a service eg Facebook Timeline Cover photo, QR code, mobile website, video
  3. Get the service done via Fiverr gig for $5 and charge the business $47, $97 or whatever price you want

The supplied “swipe files” are basic emails that are supposed to get businesses to reply. There is nothing about what you do after sending one of these emails – that is left to your imagination.

As with this author’s other WSOs, I doubt the vendor has actually ever done what is described in this WSO. The method is full of “What if you…..”, “I would……” and “You can……..”, instead of “I have…..” and “I did…..”. There are no actual client sites showing the results of doing what is described in the WSO.


  • There are a few Fiverr gigs listed for providing various services, so I suppose that will save you 5 minutes of your time searching for them yourself.
  • Cheap when first listed – although now it is $7 which is too expensive for what you get.
  • Maybe useful if you have no idea what Fiverr is, or how it works.


  • No actual examples on websites. The example material is all standalone, and there is no evidence that the methods described have been done for any real clients.
  • Full of gaps in the information – simple things are described in detail while the difficult bits are either glossed over or not addresses at all
  • No refunds

The Bottom Line

This WSO is not enough to “learn how to generate a six figure offline business”. There was nothing new in this WSO, and it rehashes material that has been described better in many other WSOs.

I give it half a star for listing a few useful Fiverr gigs, and one star for the cool product cover which features a Lamborghini – I like Lamborghinis!

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