WSO 659224: Your LAST SEO Guide – How To Rank ANY Brand New And Old Sites To Google’s TOP 5

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The Hype

From the salespage:
The exact step-by-step systems we use to rank any brand new sites and old sites to Google’s top 5.

Here’s what you’ll uncover:

  1. How to immediately start following the exact solid system I used to rank any brand new sites and old sites to the Google’s top 5 and survived every single Google update.
  2. How to ensure you’ll achieve top 5 ranking for almost any keyword you target.
  3. Why even “newbies” are able to use this system to quickly surpass more experienced rankers…even if they’ve never ranked anything before.
  4. The only 8 simple steps you need to know to generate a super spun article (3-level spun) that is 100% human readable or even better.
  5. How this system is gonna short-cut years of your learning and testing curves while leaving 95% of other internet marketers to continue struggling and living the well-spread myths.

The Reality

This is a comprehensive, if somewhat confusing, guide to building a diversified back link profile via article directories, press releases, bookmarking and Web 2.0 sites, blog commenting, wikis and forum signatures.

All content for linkbuilding comes from one (???) ultra, or super spun article. The salespage talks about “8 simple steps” to creating on of these, but trust me, trying to spin an article at word, sentence and paragraph and have it make sense is not for the faint hearted. Also, this spun content is recommended for use in press releases which seems unrealistic to me – no half decent press release site would accept content like this.

The link building plan takes 30 pages to explain – I was cross eyed by the end of it! I think that was the author’s aim, as affiliate links for Magic Submitter (a semi-automated backlink building program with a monthly fee) is promoted regularly throughout to do all the manual tasks that are described. I can’t see how newbies would have a hope in hell in following all this and making sense of it.

I actually found the first couple of pages of the guide quite useful – there is a list niche subjects and associated urgency/buyer phrases to use for keyword research. The author uses Market Samurai to assess the keyword phrases he comes up with.

Apparently the author came up with the system based on his experience with 13 test sites. That’s probably about 12 more than most other sellers of SEO and back  link WSOs use, so that is probably a good thing.


  • Comprehensive, seems to be based on real world experience.
  • Some useful niche ideas and keyword phrases are included
  • 30 day money back guarantee (although 30 days wouldn’t be enough to properly test out the system)


  • Complicated, confusing, long winded, expensive in terms of either time or money
  • Definitely not newbie-friendly
  • No actual examples or case studies included to demonstrate the claimed results (partially obscured google search result screenshots in the sales page don’t count)

The Bottom Line

A comprehensive, if somewhat confusing, guide to building a diversified back link profile via all the usual link sources. Not suitable for newbies. You’ll need to devote a lot of time or money to pull this off as described.

One and a half stars for at least outlining a proper link building plan, unlike most other SEO WSOs I’ve seen. One star for the niche and keyword ideas.


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