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The Hype

From the salespage:
Let us show you a completely new killer CPA method that made us $79.21 each day!

You will get our completely unique method explained in a 11 pages straight to the point report.

We have made is easy for you to take action and included all the HTML files you need to make it work.

The Reality

Making money from CPA methods is possible IF:

  1. You have a reliable source of traffic to send to your offer, and
  2. You can get the traffic to complete the CPA offer

This WSO mainly addresses point 2. The whole premise of the WSO is to offer a 1-in-4 chance of winning a gift (a $25 Ebay gift card is the example) in exchange for completing a CPA offer.

BLACKHAT WARNING: The problem is the WSO instructs you to not activate the gift until AFTER you have made some money. This is completely deceptive as you are promising people something that they will not be receiving. Has this guy heard of the term “fraudulent”?

The WSO addresses point 1 by listing a few free ways to get traffic – including Yahoo Answers, StumbleUpon, Traffic Swarm – but they are all costly in terms of time and effort, and a bit hit-and-miss in terms of traffic quality.


Good instructions how to setup the system, with the required HTML files supplied.

The creator has used the method and made some money.


NOT white hat – you are conning people by offering a chance at a non-existent bribe in exchange for completing a CPA offer.

Getting traffic via the sources in the WSO takes either a lot of time and effort, or else money.

The Bottom Line

Making money from this CPA method is possible if you are willing to ignore your conscience and can manage to generate a reliable source of traffic – I give this 2 stars.


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