WSO 651404: 2.5 Million In One Day

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The Hype

From the salespage:
People and businesses around the world are making an extreme amount of money in very little time using the exact same tips and tricks you are going to learn in this course.

I have case study after case study in this course that shows you that millions of dollars are being made by people just like you.

The Reality

The “opportunity” described in this course is “crowdfunding”. The amount of information in this report is no more than what you would find on a high-quality blog post. If you are already familiar with the subject matter, you will be disappointed.

The report gives you the URLs and a description of 3 crowdfunding sites, and then points to some exceptional success stories without indicating how they were successful.

The idea in the ad copy that many people are making huge money is not accurate. Very few reach big numbers, and for those that do, it is primarily through their own marketing and promotion efforts.


If you have no idea what crowdfunding is you will after reading this report.


Blind sales copy – a case of “give me money and then I’ll tell you what you get”.

The WSO creator hasn’t made any money from crowdfunding himself – lots of “what if’s” and “imagine if you did this”, but no “I did this”.

No real instruction in how to make crowdfunding successful – just some general principles about how the websites work

The bottom line

Claiming $2.5 million in a day instead of what is practical, realistic and the creator’s  own experience definitely pushes the boundaries. Begs the question – “if $2.5 million in 24 hours is possible then why bother selling a $10 WSO?”

One star for the 365 day refund guarantee.



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