WSO 651277: The Offline 360 Method

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What’s it about?

Selling panoramic “360 degree” images to offline businesses to put on their websites to better showcase their business for $97. You get around the hard work of cold calling and selling by hiring someone else on commission to do it (outsourcing).

The WSO vendor says this is a “unique, untapped offline system”. Panoramic images are hardly unique, but they are not often included in the list of services flogged by the majority of other offline WSOs.


Does it live up to the hype?

The sales page is classic “blind copy”. You have to buy the WSO to find out what the thing is about (although “360” and the picture of a camera are clues). As with most WSOs the devil is in the detail.

I doubt the vendor has actually ever done what is described in this WSO. The method is full of “What if you…..”, “I would……” and “You can……..”, instead of “I have…..” and “I did…..”.

The vendor describes restaurants as an ideal client, and yet fails to provide even one example of a client restaurant that is using a panoramic image. There are plenty of “before” examples of restaurant websites that could use a 360 image, but not one “after” example!

There is specific detail about things that anyone could easily look up on the internet, but then the more difficult aspects, such as how to actually sell the service to business owners, are sidestepped by a brief description about outsourcing.

Also the vendor describes making the panoramic images is like a walk in the park – grab a mobile phone app, take a few snaps and out pops a high quality 360 degree image. Anyone that has tried their hand at these images would know that is not the case. There are no tips, or advice, for how to take the photos to get the best result.

Included in the WSO are 3 swipe files, which you can “copy and paste”. By definition a swipe file is a copy of something that has been used before. All 3 swipe files include spelling and grammatical errors, which would suggest that they haven’t actually been used in field.



  • Covers a service that hasn’t been flogged to death by other WSOs.
  • Cheap – start price $3.97, selling for $6.97 at the time of this review.



  • No actual client website examples are shown.
  • Unlikely that the vendor is even really doing what is described in the WSO – most likely ideas based on theory
  • Full of big, gaping holes – lack of detail for the hard parts eg how to create quality panoramic images, how to sell the service to business owners, how to handle outsourcers
  • No refunds


The bottom line

A “theoretical” WSO sold at a cheap price via blind sales copy with a no refund policy. One star for the unflogged idea, one star for the cheap price.

This might be useful if you had no idea what a panoramic image was, but the lack of detail means that you will not “be able to walk away with $97 cheques easily”.

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