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RATING: Rating: 2.5 out of 5 starsRating: 2.5 out of 5 starsRating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

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The Hype

From the salespage:

Discover how to get the real Google love and jump to the page #1.

1. Learn how to get rid of Google’s evil algorithm updates which are killing your business.
2. How to do the perfect SEO in the time of any Google update.

The Reality

The WSO has five modules – niche & keyword research, on-page SEO, off-page-SEO, social signals, bonuses, and a case study of the the site

Each module is covered reasonably well, although most of the information will be familiar to anyone who has bought any previous WSOs covering the module topics. Also, there is no backlinking plan presented – the various link building techniques are described without explaining a strategy for their use (unless you call “build diversified links” a strategy).

The case study site ranks number 1 for “nikon camera parts”, and screenshots of traffic stats (approx 2000 unique visitors for July 2012) and Amazon earnings ($46.13) are presented.

The problem with the case study is that there is no explanation or demonstration of how the techniques described in the modules were applied to the case study site. In fact, looking closely at the site I believe NONE of the techniques in the modules have been applied:

  1. The site was built using the Amazon platform – content is pulled straight from Amazon with no specific keyword bolding etc applied.
  2. The site has very few backlinks (15 by Ahrefs), with the majority the raw URL linking back to the site – no anchor text variation or link type variation.
  3. SEO Quake shows no social activity and there are no social sharing icons on the site at all.

The site appears to be an aged domain that has been picked up and had an prefab Amazon store loaded onto it. The site back links were probably pre-existing when it was bought and the domain is probably ranking so well based on its domain age and the fact it is an exact match domain.


  • Lots of information about various link building techniques, and there are some useful lists of sites that would save you time looking them up
  • The case study site is an interesting example of an exact match domain that is ranking well


  • No link building strategy is presented
  • The case study is not a real world application of the information presented in the WSO

The Bottom Line

This WSO contains a lot of infomation, but it is not anything new or unique with respect to link building in a post Penguin environment. There is no explanation of how the techniques described in the WSO were applied to the case study site, although the site is an interesting example of a high ranking exact match domain.

I give this 1 star for all the regurgitated post Penguin link building info, plus 1.5 stars for showing an actual website.

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