One Way To Quickly Find Exact Match Domain Names

alexa hot topicsHaving an exact match domain generally means that you have to do less on and off page search engine optimisation to get decent search engine rankings.

The problem is that EMDs are becoming harder and harder to find.

Here is a neat method that can quickly uncover useful EMD phrases .

Go to the Alexa “What’s Hot” page at

The image in this post is a screenshot of the Hot Topics list from today. The one topic that jumps out at me is “Backberry PlayBook” at number 3. This is a tablet computer, and tablet computers are HOT right now, and they are also NEW – this means that there may be some good EMD phrases available.

So I head over to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool at and type “tablet computer” into the search box. This gives me 100 keyword phrases.

I download these keywords and open them in Excel and remove all the spaces between the words using a search and replace.

Then I copy all the keyword phrases and paste them into the the bulk domain name search tool at

This brings back a list of 64 available EMD phrases, including “TABLETCOMPUTERCOMPARISON.NET” (18,000 monthly searches), “TABLETLAPTOPCOMPUTER.NET” (880 monthly seraches) and “CHEAPTABLETCOMPUTER.NET” (8,100 monthly searches).

There you go – took me all of 10 minutes!!

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March 23, 2011|Comments (1)
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Posted by Johnno
September 16, 2011 at 1:09 pm

Wondering if exact match domains still “work”?

Google “revitol cellulite cream” (without the quotes).

The top result is
That website is a one page parked domain.

Not bad for a keyword phrase with 6,600 monthly searches and approx ave cpc of $1.96 !