New Google Update To Hit Autoblogs?

google updateIn late February Google announced a major update to their algorithm, with the aim being to significantly increase the quality of their search results. You can read Google’s announcement here, and read some commentary about it here.

Quite frankly, this has me worried, as it seems to be targeting sites that aggregate content from other sources (eg autoblogs). However, looking at my February traffic and Adsense stats, nothing seems to have happened РYET.

The big losers so far look like articles directories, including,, and Ezinearticles¬†has reported that it’s search engine traffic may reduce by up to 50%!!! It seems that in the case of the article directories Google is hitting the whole domain, not just individual pages.

I guess we will have to wait and see exactly how this plays out. Has anyone else noticed a significant drop in their traffic lately?


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March 3, 2011|Comments (2)
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Posted by Steve
March 4, 2011 at 1:26 am

To be honest with you, I stumbled upon this back in January after just putting my new site live on the internet.
As you can imagine, it was like having the rug pulled from under my feet, but knowing just how petty minded Google can be at times, I quickly set about deleting all my old posts on the new site & then repopulated the site with brand new articles that in the vast majority of cases, were totally original accourding to As Google had made it clear that they were targeting “Unoriginal Content”, I felt that this was my best option.

Having watched very closely how my new site performed, I have drawn the conclusion that ” Originality ” is based to some extent on a percentage, because simply adding 2 or 3 small paragraphs to an article consisting of nothing more than a Amazon advert, seems to be enough to get the article passed as original by both Plagium & Copyscape and lets face it, if both of those sites see it as original content, then there is no reason Google should think otherwise!

I feel that as we,(Autobloggers) are now being scrutinized by Google & possibly other major search engines, then the producers of these auto blog softwares will need to put in a little more effort in ensuring originality. After all, nobody is going to pay for software that is likely to get their Adsense account terminated, which is a definite possibility as Google clearly states that creating unoriginal content using automated software is against Google’s ToS.

Posted by Johnno
March 4, 2011 at 10:40 am

Hadn’t heard of Plagium before – thanks for the heads up.

There are a couple of options around to make content more “unique”.

The first option is wordpress content optimizing plugin which adds extra text to articles in a semi-automated fashion.

The second is a wordpress “uniquifying” plugin. This alters the underlying HTML code of your posts to make it appear like unique content.

I don’t use either at the moment, but if my blogs take a hit I will probably use both.