More Evidence In the Case For Exact Match Domains

exact match domainsThere are differing opinions about whether Google favors exact match domains or not inĀ  their search engines results pages (SERPS). Personally I think there is an advantage in using an exact match domain name. I see examples supporting this position all the time when I am doing Google searches.

Here is some evidence in the case for exact match domains. In this example I am focusing on two websites: – a site which is all about HDTVs – a site which has nothing to do with HDTVs. It is a personal blog and the only reference to HDTVs is in the domain name and in the “About Me” section of the blog’s sidebar.

Here are the SERP positions for these two sites for various searches:

Search Phrase

SERP Position

SERP Position

42 television
42″ television
42 inch television
42 inch tv

Things to note in the above table:

1. The site ranks on page 1 for 3 of the search phrases, even though the site’s content is not relevant to those particular phrases.

2. For all 4 search phrases, the site with the closest matching domain name to the search phrase ranks the highest.

3. ranks number 1 for the search phrase “42 inch television” despite the fact that the content of the site is unrelated to the search phrase.

4. For the search phrase “42 inch tv”, the word “television” is bolded in both the domain name and description for the two test sites.


All of the observations in this example support the notion that exact match domains are favored in the google search results. If you keep an eye out for this when doing google searches you will see similar results time and time again.


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