How To Keep Track Of Your Keyword Search Engine Rankings Automatically

rank tracking pluginOnce you build up a number of sites, checking the Google rankings for all your different target keywords can become a mind-numbing, time-wasting chore.  What about trying to keep track of what other long-tail keyword phrase searches visitors are using to find your sites? Sure, that information is available in your site’s control panel, but who wants have to login to 10, 20 or even more control panels to check each separate site? Certainly not me. 

Well, now I don’t have to do this anymore because I have found a plugin that does all this checking for me automatically! 

With this plugin, when someone finds one of my websites on Google and then clicks through to the site I receive an email which tells me the keyword phrase used to find the site, which page they went to and where the site ranks in the Google search engine results for that phrase.  Here’s an example of the email that gets sent: 

There has been a change in your Google rankings! is now ranking at number 4 in Google for the keyword phrase: cheapest 3d tv  

If you don’t want to get emails, the plugin also stores the information so you can see it when you login to the admin area of your WordPress site. 

One thing I am finding out is that my sites are ranking for some real weird keywords that I would never have thought of . By using this plugin you will see the long tail of phrases relating to your target keywords that you didn’t even know existed. 

I have sites where I have various rankings for 50 or more phrases, with rankings from position 1 through to the 60’s. If you see phrases where you are ranking on page 2 or worse you can do things to improve the rankings. Sometimes just adding the exact phrase to the content of the post will give it a better ranking. The other thing you can do is to use internal linking and link to the target page from one or two of your other pages using the particular phrase as anchor text.

The easiest way to increase traffic is to improve the rankings of phrases that you already have some ranking for. Doing a little bit of work to get a better ranking can increase your traffic, and therefore your income, substantially. 

Click here to find out more about this rank checker plugin. Once you have a few auto blogs up and running it will save you a heap of time, make your life alot easier and hopefully make you more money!

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