Free Backlinks For Christmas!

Free BacklinksOne thing I haven’t talked about much on this blog is backlinking.

To be honest I hate backlinking and try and avoid it if I possibly can. Backlinking is either too time consuming, too expensive, or both.

However, I recently found a site that gives you 15 free contextual backlinks per day – that’s 450 contextual backlinks per month – and they are all free!

This is pretty cool because there are websites out there charging $50-$100 per month for the same service.

For those that don’t know, a contextual backlink is a backlink that is within the text of a post or article. These links are generally perceived to be more valuable than standalone links eg links in blog sidebars, forum profile links etc. This seems to be especially the case since the recent Google updates (Panda).

This free backlinks system allows you to post an article with 1 in-text backlink to 15┬ásites in it’s network each day for free . So in a month that is potentially 450 contextual backlinks to your site.

So where do you get the articles to submit?

I would just use articles from your own site. The other neat thing about this free backlinks service is that it includes a free spinning function that allows you to generate different versions of the same article that are posted to the sites on the network.

Give it a shot – it’s free and you have nothing to lose!
Click here to get your 15 free contextual backlinks per day



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