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One Way To Quickly Find Exact Match Domain Names

alexa hot topicsHaving an exact match domain generally means that you have to do less on and off page search engine optimisation to get decent search engine rankings.

The problem is that EMDs are becoming harder and harder to find.

Here is a neat method that can quickly uncover useful EMD phrases .

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Google Sniper 2 – How To Get A 98% Discount On The Price Of Google Sniper 2

Google Sniper 2An email arrived in my inbox the other day promoting Google Sniper 2. Even though I like to keep an eye on things related to niche sites and auto blogging, I never even looked at the original Google Sniper when it came out (dunno why, must have been busy or something). So I thought I might take a look at version 2, as obviously it is new and improved in some way.

In a nutshell, Google Sniper 2 is about building small 4-5 page WordPress based websites focused on a single keyword. The aim is to have the on-page SEO highly optimized so that the sites rank well in Google with minimal back linking. You make money by promoting affiliate products (eg from Clickbank) related to the target keyword on the site (Adsense is not mentioned). Mmmm…….sounds pretty similar to what I am doing, without the auto blogging part. Continue reading

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How To REALLY Analyze The Competition For A Keyword Phrase

Keyword CompetitionMy last post talked about how to estimate the Adsense earning potential for a keyword phrase. However, if you have no hope of ranking anywhere near number 1 in a Google search for that keyword, then the estimated income is completely hypothetical!

Therefore we need to assess the search engine competition for the keyword. I’ve seen a number of articles and ebooks on search engine optimisation (SEO) recommending you look at the total number of results for an “in quotes” search, or an “all in title” search, or some other special search.

However, I don’t use these types of search. Continue reading

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Working Out How Much Adsense Income A Keyword Phrase Can Earn for You

Monthly Adsense Earning Potential Choosing the right keyword phrases for your websites is the key to maximising your success with auto blogging. In my Advanced Autoblogging Blueprint I give you some guidelines for keyword selection (see page 6). In this post I want to show you some insight into how I came up with these guidelines.

Choosing keyword phrases to use is about picking ones with good Adsense earning potential and relatively low competition. For now I want to concentrate on the earning potential of a keyword phrase (we will leave competition analysis for another post). Continue reading

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How To Put YOUR Link On Other People’s YouTube Videos

Every now and then I come across something really cool and useful – so I thought I would share it with you.

YouTube logoI have found a site that allows you to embed a link into a YouTube video – this can be either one of your own videos, or even someone else’s video!

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Triple Your Ad Revenues With The Ultimate Heat Map

Ultimate heat mapThis free (yes, free) PDF report could help to increase the ad revenue from your sites up to 3 times, without having to get any additional traffic!

Internet marketing consultant Michael Campbell created 30 site templates based on data from hundreds of heatmaps, clickmaps, web usability studies, eye tracking reports and ad placement suggestions from the big ad networks. He then ran tests tracking the amount of ad revenue generated, depending on ad position. Continue reading

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