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What Do You Use To Check Backlinks?

Check back linksGood ol’ Yahoo Site Explorer (YSE) closed it’s doors in November 2011. In case you didn’t know it YSE supplied the back link data for the vast majority of link checking tools, including the one I use in my 5 Minute Keyword Research process. Not only was YSE comprehensive, but it was also free.

So what are the current alternatives for checking back links?

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Free Backlinks For Christmas!

Free BacklinksOne thing I haven’t talked about much on this blog is backlinking.

To be honest I hate backlinking and try and avoid it if I possibly can. Backlinking is either too time consuming, too expensive, or both.

However, I recently found a site that gives you 15 free contextual backlinks per day – that’s 450 contextual backlinks per month – and they are all free!
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Domain Name Coupons and Flipping Your Sites

domain name coupons and promo codesA couple of useful things came across my desk this week, so I thought I would pass them on.

One is a cool site for finding the latest domain name discount coupons and promo codes. The other is an interesting case study of how a guy flipped an Adsense site for $11,000. Continue reading

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Cheaper Alternative To Multiple Exact Match Domain Names?

One of the issues that often comes up when creating more than a handful of niche focussed websites is the cost of domain names. At $10 per domain name per year, a group of 30 websites with exact match domains will cost $300 per year in domain registration fees.

My view is that if any one website can’t cover it’s annual domain name and hosting fees, then you should dump that site and create another site that can. However, I have had numerous emails from people who would rather have fewer, more generic domains, than lots of exact match domain names.

The next question is usually along the lines of “what domain name should I register – aren’t all the good generic domain names already taken?”

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Do Exact Match Domains Still Rank High On Google?

Google’s love affair with exact match domain names (EMDs) has been going on for a long time. I’m sure everyone has seen sites with no links, not much content and no authority at the top of search engine results. Why? Presumably because they have perfect query matching domain names.

But is this still the case? After all the major Google updates (“Panda” etc) is an exact match domain still a license to rank?

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July 19, 2011|Comments (0| Posted in: Other Stuff
The End Of Dot Com Domination?

dot comNew rules okayed by the body that oversees internet addresses (ICANN – Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) now allow a virtually unlimited number of domain name extensions – “.anything”. ICANN will accept personalized domain name requests for almost any word in any language, including in Arabic and Chinese, based on themes as varied as company brands, entertainment and political causes eg “.coke” or “.map”

The possibility of domain names ending with almost any word in any language presents organizations across the globe with possibilities of marketing their products, brand, cause or community in unique, never seen before ways.

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Why Are Google’s Average Cost Per Click Values Wrong?

google adsense average cost per clickUp until recently it had bugged me why the average amount I was earning per click on some of my sites was nowhere near the average cost per click reported by the Google Adwords Keyword Tool – even allowing for the fact that Google only pays approx 60% of the click cost to the Adsense publisher.

For example, one of my sites was earning $0.25 per click when the Google keyword tool reported an average cost per click (CPC) of $1.50! Continue reading

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How To Get More Traffic Than the Web Page Ranked Number One

I don’t always get the number 1 search ranking for a Google search on my targeted keyword phrase. But guess what? It doesn’t bother me because there is a way to pull more traffic than the web pages ranked above me. Continue reading

April 15, 2011|Comments (0| Posted in: Other Stuff
Beware Of False Page Rank

false page rankThe other day I got an email requesting a link exchange. The person requesting the link exchange said that they had a PR4 site on which they could place a link to my site.

I immediately thought “great, a PR4 link, which of my sites could most benefit from the link?”

I decided to have a quick look at the PR4 site where my link would go. The site was “”. As soon as I saw the site I was suspicious.

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April 8, 2011|Comments (2| Posted in: Other Stuff
How To Get A New Website Indexed Super Quickly

When you create a new website, the first aim is to get search engines to find the site and index it. Indexing means that the pages in the website have been crawled by the search engine and have been added to their database (index) of pages.

Just because your website has been indexed doesn’t necessarily mean that the site will show up in search results – that is a whole separate topic. However, indexing is the first goal because if your site isn’t indexed it doesn’t exist as far as the search engines are concerned.

How do you know if your website has been indexed?

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