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Was Earning 10K Adsense Per Month – Now BANNED

Banned from Google Adsense for lifeHere’s a horror story that features Google as the monster.

Spencer Haws is (was) a very successful niche website publisher who was averaging around $10,000 a month in Adsense income.

Not any more – his Adsense income is now $0, and he did not receive the previous month’s income as this was returned to the advertisers.

What happened?

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The Death Of Getting Links From Blog Networks

the death of blog networksI haven’t talked much about link building in this blog. That has been sort of deliberate, because link building can be a touchy subject. Everyone has their own way of doing it and it is pretty well impossible to describe a one size fits all approach. Also, if you follow my blueprint, you don’t need to worry too much about link building to get good search engine positioning.

Anyway, one common aspect of almost every guide that I have ever read on link building has included the use of blog networks. You might have heard of one or more of these names: Build My Rank, Authority Link Network, SEO Link Vine. These are all blog networks that allow you (at a price) to submit articles containing links back to your sites.

Well folks, it looks like this method of getting backlinks is finished.

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