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More Evidence In the Case For Exact Match Domains

exact match domainsThere are differing opinions about whether Google favors exact match domains or not in  their search engines results pages (SERPS). Personally I think there is an advantage in using an exact match domain name. I see examples supporting this position all the time when I am doing Google searches.

Here is some evidence in the case for exact match domains. In this example I am focusing on two websites: Continue reading

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Want To Know How Google Decides To Ban Your Site?

google manual review and duplicate contentHere is a link to an internal Google document that shows how they manually review and rate websites*:


Google guidelines

I’m not sure how long this document will remain publicly viewable, so if you want to get a peek into the mind of Google check it out as soon as you can.


* Link courtesy of email from Chad Kimball




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Less Expensive Than HostGator

ipage low cost website hostingI recently signed up for an account at a hosting company called iPage. iPage offer hosting with all the same features as HostGator,  for only $3.50 per month. At HostGator you can get hosting for $3.96 per month, but you have to sign up for 3 years to get this price.

The low iPage price is available for the length of your initial contract and then reverts to their standard pricing, which varies from $6.95 – $8.95 per month. Included is all the features you would need such as unlimited domains, unlimited MySQL databases (required for WordPress) and unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Continue reading

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Exact Match Domains In Reverse?

alternatives for exact match domainsA while back I wrote a post (You DON’T Need An Exact Match Domain) that answered this question:

What can you do if an exact match domain is not available for a particular keyword that you want to build a website around?

In that post I listed 4 alternatives:

  1. Register the INFO exact match domain
  2. Register the keyword phrase with dashes
  3. Add a word to the beginning or end of the keyword phrase
  4. Register the keyword phrase with a non-relevant character such “x” or “v” on the end
I normally use either 3 or 4 when I can’t get the exact match domain name that I want, but just recently I have just come across another alternative that may be even better. Continue reading
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5 Minute Keyword Research

5 minute keyword researchOne of the most common questions I get asked is how do I choose a product or niche to build a website around? There’s no getting around it – keyword research can be a time consuming pain in the a** !! There are keyword tools available that simplify the process. But I find many are expensive, some are useless and some are both expensive AND useless.

Also, getting stuck in the keyword analysis phase can be a huge time waster – you really must identify a target and get started. While the nature of the business is that you will have hits and misses, good keyword research will help to minimise those misses.

I like things that are simple and effective, and I have found a fantastic tool that will help you analyse keywords very quickly – in fact, within 5 minutes. Let’s run through an example using the 5 minute keyword tool right now: Continue reading

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How My Sites Are Going 2 Months On From The Google Update

google updateIn early March, just after the big Google update that slammed some of the big article directories, I reported that I had not seen any noticeable effects on my portfolio of sites.

It is now over two months later, so I thought I would revisit that group of sites to see how they were faring now. Continue reading

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FREE Keywords And Site Ideas By Email

Late last year I wrote a post about Unlimited Keywords And Site Ideas Delivered Straight To Your Inbox. It involved signing up for a cheap 7 day trial of a membership site that sends daily keyword lists and cancelling the trial before the 7 days is up. What would happen is that you would still get sent the daily keyword lists even though you were no longer a member of the site. This is still happening for me – I’m have received almost 195 keyword lists so far!

I have come across another source of daily keyword lists, this time it is completely free to access – you only need to sign up to an email list. Continue reading

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New Google Update To Hit Autoblogs?

google updateIn late February Google announced a major update to their algorithm, with the aim being to significantly increase the quality of their search results. You can read Google’s announcement here, and read some commentary about it here.

Quite frankly, this has me worried, as it seems to be targeting sites that aggregate content from other sources (eg autoblogs). However, looking at my February traffic and Adsense stats, nothing seems to have happened – YET.

Continue reading

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You DON’T Need An Exact Match Domain

Most niche blogging or niche site building courses recommend using an exact match domain name for the website. An exact match domain name is a domain name that is exactly the same as the keyword phrase that the website is targetting. It is normally also  recommended to only go for COM, NET or ORG exact match domains.

For example, if your keyword phrase is “best value gps”, then an exact match domain is “”, or “”, or “”.

However, you will often find that the exact match COM, NET and ORG domains of good keyword phrases (phrases with income potential and low competition) are already taken. Does this mean that you forget about the keyword phrase and move onto something else? Certainly NOT!

What can you do if an exact match domain is not available for a particular keyword that you want to build a website around? Continue reading

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Unlimited Keywords And Site Ideas Delivered Straight To Your Inbox

I accidentally came across an unlimited source of keywords that can be used as ideas for auto blog websites. Now that I have tapped into this source I will never be short of topics and keywords to build sites around!

Here’s how I found it: Continue reading

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